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Animal abuse is a clear prediction of the future, so why are abusers merely getting slapped on the wrist? Animal abuse is a momentous topic. The statistics for animal abuse are skyrocketing. Many people who commit this sickening crime only have to pay a fine or they might even get away with it. Animals are living, breathing, innocent creatures, who feel pain and neglect just like we do. They do not deserve to be treated this way! A duck being stabbed in the head, a cat being shot by an arrow, organized dog fighting rings are some of the many ways animals on a daily basis. If this type of abuse happened to humans, there would be no question in much harsher sentences, then why is it not the same for animals? Lastly, it’s important to consider, that one day these animals abusers are abusing animals, what makes you think they are going to stop there? Animal abuse is ethically wrong, abusers need to be held accountable, and action needs to be taken. Animals feel pain, just like humans do. They are extremely helpful creatures. They can be guard dogs, and seeing- eye dogs, which are dogs that are trained there whole life to help visually impaired people. They are a man’s best friend, who help us through tough times and act as a means of comfort. Yet, they still get treated so…show more content…
Pet owners need to take more responsibility. Whether they are abusing animals through neglect or cruelty, it’s vital they people learn what that actually means. Depending on the abuse, I strongly believe, sentences should not only include fines, but also jail time, never be able to own an animal again, and a criminal record. Letting people off for doing such crimes can also be dangerous, as one day they may be abusing animals, but another day, it could be you. People need to start taking action and responsibility because this will only get worse. Animal abuse is a clear prediction of the future, so why are abusers merely getting slapped on the

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