Why Animal Experimentation Is Beneficial

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Why Animal Experimentation is Beneficial There are many reasons why scientists use animals for scientific/medical research. The list can go and on. However, there are three important reasons why animal experimentation is beneficial. The first reason being that animals have been used in research for decades and have proven to be successful. Secondly, the anatomy of an animal is very similar to a human, which more than often leads to better results. Lastly, animals are much easier to handle than humans because they are more docile. There have been many arguments stating that animal experimentation is unethical due to fact that animals can suffer through a lot of pain and abuse during these experiments, but if one were to look at the positives, it is clear that the pros outweigh the…show more content…
Research has further assisted in the development of drugs such as insulin and penicillin. It was said in the beginning that animals would never feel pain while going through such experiments, but there have been many times where labs go against that assumption. In some labs, the aftermath of the experiments are so immoral, it’s impossible for one to think what that animal endured. As of today, labs across the world are trying to enforce the 3Rs, which are replacement, reduction, and refinement. The 3Rs is a campaign who hopes to replace animals with non-living models, reduce the number of animals begin used, and finally refine the practice of using animals according to Hajar. However, by doing so, this can decrease and possibly eliminate animal experimenting all together. This conflict can potentially setback the advancement of medicine, but it does reach a consensus for both sides of deciding whether animal experimentation is beneficial or not. Both sides win in this case and civilization can benefit from it as
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