Why Animal Testing Is Necessary

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Why animal testing is necessary People would argue that animal testing is essential to find cures for illness. Animal testing has helped find, develop cures and treatments. Since in the past 100 years of testing it has resulted in many successes. Experimentation in dogs helped lead to the discovery of insulin, but the dog’s pancreas were removed as a result. Laboratory research on animals has helped researchers have a better understanding on treating illnesses such as breast cancer, brain injury, leukemia, malaria, and much more ( What else is the best option to test a hypothesis on other than a person. The best way to test a hypothesis is on a living organism since humans and animals both have very integrated bodies. Since testing, a drug requires a body to circulate blood throughout the body to get the full effect to be able to see the full potential of the side effects, which may include blindness, which cannot be determined on just tissue. Human and animal DNA is very similar to mice, mice are 98% genetically similar to humans and they all have the same set of organs as a human. Animals are the best option when ethical reasons prevent researchers from using human subjects which most of the time the experiments involve genetic manipulation ( Not only do people benefit from these…show more content…
A sleeping pill thalidomide caused 10,000 birth effects was tested on animals prior to its release, but it was not until later it was tested on pregnant animals. Researchers found out that to acquire the best result they had to give the animal a very high dose to obtain the same results to relate the birth defects in people. When researcher tested the arthritis drug Vioxx it results on animal testing were that it affected the hearts of mice. When Vioxx was disturbed to the public, it caused more than 27,000 heart attack and sudden cardiac deaths before it was removed from stores
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