Why Animal Testing Is Unreliable?

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“Every year more than 100 million animals are burned, crippled, poisoned and abused in other ways”. Animals all over the world are treated this way. They are kept in labs all their lives. And I think it is horrible. Animal testing is unreliable, not needed and is very expensive. Animal testing may seem wonderful and innocent but in reality it is atrocious.

One compelling reason to prove animal testing is atrocious is that animal testing is unreliable and ineffective. In fact, different species of animals can react differently to the same substance. This shows that if species react differently, you can't be sure it’s safe on another different species, humans. Another example of how animal testing is unreliable is that, animals can’t accurately predict the results on humans. This proves that because animals have different bodies and systems, therefore they can’t accurately predict results on humans. One final example to prove animal testing is atrocious is, lab animals are put under a lot of stress which can affect the result if the test. This demonstrates the result of a test has been affected then
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For instance companies can make their products with ingredients that have been tested already. This proves that because companies can use ingredients that already have been tested they don't need to test new ones.Also animal testing is not needed because there are many ingredients that are proven to be safe. This piece of evidence is important because if there are ingredients that are proven to be safe then companies won't need to rely on animal testing. In addition animal testing is not needed because nearly 50 non-animal testing methods have been approved for use. This demonstrates that if there are tests that don't require animals they won't need to use animals. Obviously, animal testing is simply not needed in the world
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