Essay On Animal Testing On Animals

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For decades, humans have used animals for their own benefit without taking into consideration that animals have feelings. How would you feel if one day someone captivated you and used you as an experiment? Before cosmetic companies sell their products they test them on animals to make sure they will not cause any damage or harm to the customers skin regardless of the injuries they cause to the animals. Just like any human being animals should be protected from any harm because they have feeling. Animals should be able to live in their natural habitat without fear of being captivated and tortured. Before cosmetics became popular humans used animals in circuses to entertain the public. Many circuses such as Ringling Bros are mostly known for animal cruelty. They chain, cage, beat, electro-shock,…show more content…
Killing an animal for the sake of beauty is foolish. Every day millions of animals are forced to inhale toxic gases, and are exposed to radiation. Scientist have proven that there are other alternative methods for cosmetics companies to test their products. Animal testing does not always work because the human body is very different from animals. Testing on animals is not only inhumane, it is also more expensive than alternative methods. Scientist have developed new methods to help human health such as, using human cells and tissues which is also known as “Vitro Method”. Another method would be “Silico Models” which is computer-modeling techniques and studies with human volunteers. We live in a world full of intelligent machines and very advance technology where everything is possible, which is why computer simulations have become a great alternative method for scientist. Computer simulations have helped scientist from all around the world to stop animal testing by allowing surgical procedures which improve lifesaving skills better than having to kill live animals in
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