Why Animal Testing Should Be Banned

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Animal testing refers to procedures carried out on living animals for research purposes. As early as 500BC, descriptions of animal testing have been found in ancient Greek writings. Today, animal testing has been developed for several purposes, including scientific, medical and cosmetic purposes. According to Speaking of Research (2014), an international group that focuses on animal rights, the number of laboratory animals used is 834,453 in the US. Animal testing is a controversial topic in recent years as more and more people concern about animal rights. Animal testing should be banned as empathy is a criteria everyone should have and it is not the most reliable method anymore. This report will focus on three aspects including cruelty towards animals, the reliability and the difference between animals and human, to act as the proof of why animal testing should be banned.…show more content…
According to Humane Society International (2013), most animals will be killed after experiments while some will be re-used. Animals always suffer from physical and psychological treatments, such as force feeding, withheld food and water of the animals, imposed wounds on the animals so as to study the healing process of pills or medical procedures, etc. Animals usually cannot survive after all these tortures. With reference to a study, "only 59% of the studies stated the hypothesis or objective of the study and the number and characteristics of the animals used." (Kilkenny, 2009). That means that many animals are wasted for experiments but without any explanations or clarifications and without reporting to government. Human is now wishing our own happiness by causing pain on animals which is too egocentric towards the animals. Animals are proven that they have emotions, feelings and thoughts. Therefore, it is not worthy for them to sacrifice because of useless and pointless
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