Why Do Animals Live In Zoos

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Animals who live in zoos may be ill-treated by zoo keepers and get hurt. Many people support zoos because zoos can provide a safe home and excellent care for animals. It’s true that most zoos have a comfortable environment, but we can’t ignore that some zoos are no better than hell that torment animals. There is an information from BBC World News about zoos in Japan. It shows that zoo 's keepers don’t give bears enough food so that bears have to fight for food from visitors and get hurt. Bears don’t have enough space to live and are often ill, they even eat each other because of starvation.(BBC) This is an example that animals are suffering from lack of care in zoos, which is simply heartbreaking. If animals live in the zoo live this, they might as well live in dangerous nature, even if they will fall prey to their natural enemy, at least they have happiness and freedom while they are alive. Another situation is that animals may be hurt by visitors. Although zoos can give a good education about animals to…show more content…
As I mentioned above, animals usually have a terrible life in zoos. Someone may disagree with me because the case of cruelty to animals is individual not usual. But everyone has to admit that animals have no freedom and happiness in the zoo. The animals just like the human,we all have our own life, and every life should have its own freedom. It’s right that we usually have a good time in the zoo, but at the same time, do you think of animals who are suffering from loneliness and torment? We can get pleasure by many ways, but it’s not a good option that building our happiness on the unhappiness of animals. someone always says that animals stay at zoos could get more care about, and they could be happier. Put yourself in their shoes, will you feel happy if someone separate you and your families and imprison you into a
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