Why Are All The Cartoon Mothers Dead Analysis

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A Response to “Why Are All the Cartoon Mothers Dead?” Bambi, Nemo, Snow White, Ariel, Belle, Pocahontas, Aladdin, and almost any other cartoon main character you could think of is a motherless child. Sarah Boxer, author of “Why Are All the Cartoon Mothers Dead,” claims there is a troubling pattern of missing mothers in almost all the cartoon movies. Disney has discarded mothers in cartoons. Author Sarah Boxer believes that the absent mothers of her essay weren’t an accident, in the beginning of her essay she explains the cartoon charters are weeping over their dead mothers. Sarah boxer challenge the film industry to show her an animated kids’ movie that has a named mother in it who lives until the credits roll, so they went and made movies like Brave, Coraline, A Bug’s Life, Antz, The Incredibles, and The Lion King, Sarah Boxer was shocked when they made those movies. I am getting ahead of myself. I was talking about the mother’s death and that plot has a long history that even goes past the motherless Luke Skywalker from Star Wars. It is so deeply woven into our story that we tell the younger kids that it is impossible to explain. When we are young and…show more content…
Why people are not focus on the mother is because all their attention is on the main person of that story. Boxer directs the readers to note these undeniable discoveries of these stories. The movie that is known as Finding Nemo plays this card, because the mother gets killed in the begging of the movie, then they have it where Nemo gets kidnaped and the father goes on this mission to save his son and on this mission the father learns that he can trust people and that takes the focus of off the dead mother. This movie is a perfect example for how a character benefits from a tragedy. This is a clear support of Boxer’s not so subtle argument that the father/man benefit from these motherless
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