Why Are Americans Materialistic

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Why are Americans so Materialistic? When one thinks of the America economy, what does he or she visualize? Is it the vast amount of jobs and opportunities leading to finical success or is the amount of material objects one can acquire? Many Americans visualize the debt of the country and the vast amount of material objects the have. Why is this? Why are Americans so materialistic? I believe that Americans are materialistic because they always want the next best thing ands are never satisfied. They are never satisfied with what they have and are always expecting more. The only clear cut answer to solving this problem we Americans have would be to force ourselves to be content with the objects in which we have. I therefore believe Americans…show more content…
This causes us to be materialistic. “The definition of materialistic is to be excessively concerned with material possessions or to be money-oriented” (Snyder). This definition describes most of America today. The belief that material possessions improve individuals’ personal and social well being permeates America. If one can simply obtain the next new item, they believe they will be more socially accepted and will be overall happier. “Materialism reflects the importance people attach to “worldly possessions, which occupy “a central place” in their lives and “provide the greatest sources of satisfaction and dissatisfaction” (Christopher). To resolve this materialistic society, we must first address the main problems, which are personal characteristics such as pride, greed, and jealousy. “If someone is bombarded with images or reminders of wealth, such an abundance of investment banks nearby or neighbors driving luxury cars, they are likely to feel a need to spend money they may not have to project an image of wealth they don't actually possess” (Howell) Materialism is not only caused within the human body, it is demonstrated in everyday
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