Why Are Americans Poor Research Paper

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Why are most Americans Getting Poorer? The current estimated distribution of wealth in America states 80% of Americans (citizens under the poverty line, lower class and middle class) receive 7% of the nation’s wealth while, the top 20%(higher class) have over 92% of the nation’s wealth. Consequently, the respective groups of financial classes parallel this economic condition in that the amount of disposable income the middle and lower classes have been almost nonexistent ("Wealth Inequality in America"). The sources about economic data regarding the country become soused intentional by masses of official organizations depending on the objective that’s being supported with the data. The federal estimate for America in one piece currently has…show more content…
The National Standards report conducted by the IRS (“Internal Revenue Service”) reports that the average American spends $570 in expenses this includes Food, Clothing Housing and Uncategorized Items (IRS Collection Financial Standards). The 24 metropolitan cites hold more than half of the national population within them (“Population Density for U.S. Cities Map”). Accordingly, the average American citizen spends the largest of his income on food, but the average metropolitan resident spends at least half of his income on housing. To discourage the vast inequality between the financial classes in America, the following step may be adopting economic policies and developments in foreign countries are benefiting from or conversely introduce untried theories in government economics into reality. How long will it take before there is obvious progress made in American lives? Will these ideas of improvement work for the United Sates? The goal is to start making this necessary change to facilitate a healthier economy in America that will only get worse if ignored and allow time reveal the outcome of these
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