Why Are Athletes Not Overpaid

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Would it not be great to make nearly $100 million a year just to play a game? Peyton Manning and Alex Rodriguez, along with many other professional athletes, certainly think so. There are two main opinions on this topic. Some say that they are way too overpaid, but some say it is just supply and demand. Do these athletes really deserve all that money? Some people say absolutely. They think the athlete’s performance will produce a bigger or smaller paycheck. Athletes get the right amount of money that they need. Like everybody else in this world, they deserve to get paid for what they do best. They keep people in the United States entertained by their outstanding physical talent. That is why they deserve the pay that they are getting. Along with all the training and effort they put into the sport, as well as the sacrifices such as leaving their families to go play. They all deserve what they get for how dedicated they are to the game.…show more content…
Americans enjoy watching sports, if their team wins it might make them happy for a day or two, but if they lose it may make them upset for a while. It should not make them upset at all because they need to see that those feelings quickly fade and fade even faster when the team wins. For example, most people do not know who won the Super Bowl three years ago or even ten years ago; if it were important, most people would know these things. Yet Americans spend tons of money on these “important” games. Should Americans throw billions of dollars toward something that is not important? If the NFL, NBA, or MLB disappeared tomorrow the vast majority of people would be absolutely fine. Some may be a little bitter for a while, but would probably find something else to occupy their
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