Why Are Athletes Overpaid

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Argumentative Paper Athletes are overpaid Have you ever heard about a grown man complaining about how he could not afford his insurance for his 8 cars? Almost all athletes get paid enormous paychecks and are financially unprepared. Athletes are overpaid because they can go bankrupt and some of the athletes become too confident with their money. Most athletes go bankrupt in a short amount of time. While it might be true that these multi-millionaire athletes have endless amounts of money. These athletes buy a lot of homes and cars and most of them don’t realize that they can’t afford to pay the taxes and it can cause them to get into serious debt. It may be hard to believe but some athletes don’t even know how to cash a check. Which is even more strange to know that a an adult can not cash a check. Critics argue that the athletes are being paid reasonably but the athletes that are getting paid millions of dollars are only the age of 19-21 years old. Since most athletes face bankruptcy they only keep their money for a few years. Most athletes have become to confident with money. It is easy to think that grown men won’t whine but…show more content…
Since the athletes spend their money in one sitting they don’t have any money left to pay the contract they wind up in debt. Critics argue that the athletes are paid fairly but I argue that that without experience with this much money that they make have questionable financial decisions. It is easy to think that the athletes know how to handle this amount of money but when you look at the facts with all this money the athletes will have long term financial and social consequences many athletes will face with their enormous paycheck. Since most athletes have reasonable paychecks but wind up spending their money within 24 hours. They should spend more time making a plan instead of spending their cash on real estate and expensive
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