Why Are Boys Underperforming In School Performance In Education?

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11. Why are Boys Under performing in Education? The objectives of this study are to understand …... Why boys have been underperforming in education over the past few years? Analyze factors (including economic, societal, and cultural) that are causing the Trend of poor performance and low survival rates at higher levels of education; and Describe current policies and interventions in place to address the issue. Methods National research teams in each of the four countries first explored the underlying dynamics behind boys’ underperformance, while reviewing good practices and providing recommendations in the form of country case studies. A broader gender analysis was then undertaken utilizing the information provided in the case studies, government policy reviews and analyses of other relevant sources findings A Variety of factors including educational, economic and social Impact the educational achievement of boys. This Research finds that system--‐wide education structures such as the legislated years of compulsory education, whether education is provided for free and the process of academic streaming, can act as unintended push factors encouraging boys to leave school .Limited Empirical examination and proper planning would allow governments to create responsive interventions for particularly disadvantaged students, whether the disadvantage is due to their sex, ethnic or socio--‐economic background, disability or geographic location. Second, Incentives should be offered to

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