Why Are Cars Better Than Trucks

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Cars and trucks are used for many different things throughout the world. Both of these vehicles have their pros and cons for different uses. One person may have a long drive to work and need a nice economy friendly car, while another person may need to pull a full load of hay. Many will argue that cars are better than trucks, but just as many will argue the exact opposite point. The most used argument for people trying to say cars are better than trucks is the gas mileage. Most cars get better than average mileage because of the small engine and very light weight of the vehicle as a whole. With that being said, less gas means more of your hard-earned money is kept in one 's pocket. Few may even say they drive cars for the ecosystem. With trucks, if the right choices are made when purchasing one, one could get close to the average mileages of a car, being somewhere around 20 miles per gallon. Not all trucks use gasoline, some run of an alternative fuel by the name of diesel. This fuel is slightly more expensive but most diesels getting better mileage than gasoline powered trucks. Some truck manufacturers are even putting small V6 engines, which mechanics would normally find in a car, into half…show more content…
Cars would make the perfect vehicle for a person 's daily commute to work or even a long business trip because of the amazing fuel mileage. They could swerve in and out of traffic with ease and fit into tight spaces a lot either such as parking spaces. Someone that lives a little out in the country may need a truck for certain tasks such as pulling a trailer for farm supplies and other things. It would also help to have the one or two extra seats that a car might not have for those family road trips. With a truck one could have that nice open bed in the back rather than a small trunk. The driver can fit almost anything into the bed of their truck that they would need to haul daily such as a tool box or many other
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