Why Are Castle Walls Important In The Middle Ages

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In the Middle Ages, castles were known as a target of invasion. For this reason, there were many lines of defense at the castle, such as moats, walls, and more. The most important piece of defense for the castles in the Middle Ages was the castle walls. The moat was a large ditch that surrounded the castle and prevented attack. The castle walls were very useful and they are considered the main line of defense. Arrow slits were a unique design to the castle and allowed archers to shoot arrows inside of the castle walls and the portcullis was helpful in the scene of a surprise attack. All of the lines of defense in the castle were important and all of them helped keep the castle safe in different ways. Right outside the castle walls was the castle moat, a simple but important line of defense.
The castle moat was a very effective part of the castle’s defense line. The moat was
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The castle walls were extremely thick, their width varied from 8-20 feet. “The castle walls were built wide enough so that the medieval castles military could easily walk around the walls to where the intruder was located, then the castles medieval archers and defending military units could fire arrows, and also pour boiling liquids and throw missiles such as rocks on the enemy” (“Medieval Chronicles”). During invasions, castle walls were used by the archers to shower arrows on the invader (“Medieval Chronicles”). The castle walls were considered the main layer of defense because it was extremely strong and they were typically built out of hard, rough rocks and rubble (Morris). Archers and other defenders stood on stone walkways built along the castle wall (Hinds 19). The castle walls were remarkably sturdy and strong, and made invasions a lot harder for the attackers. Built into the castle walls were small holes that archers shot arrows through. These were called arrow
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