A Compare And Contrast Essay On Turtles Vs Dog

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People tend to go with two of them, dogs or cats. Dogs are the most popular pets in the whole world, beside them there are the cats. Cats have a lot of good characteristics for them to make a better pet than turtles. As for my own, I prefer a million times cats than turtles and I have had both of them. Looking at both perspectives, cats are almost self-taught. They learn where to do their neccesities by themselves. I mean, they are very brilliant mascots. Turtles also have very interesting characteristics. For example, they live for a very long period of time if they are taken care properly. My experience with my turtle was kind of distant, because he/she remained inside the water. Until now, that I have been researching about this reptile, I figured out that they hibernate for 10 to 20 weeks, isn't that amazing? Therefore this animal needs a lot of attention from you if you want it to live as long as 25 years. You know that cats conserve energy by sleeping an average of of 12-14 hours a day. They also hunt mice or rats and if they bring it to you that's because they consider them to be a treasure for you. That means he/she has…show more content…
One of them is that they release a big amount of hair. They are very destructive and very scratchy animals.I don't know if this is a bad thing but they are very curious, that's when the phrase ‘'Curiosity killed the cat'' because most of the time cats are very curious in dangerous things. They play with cables and things that look like toys and most of the time, destroy them. They pee in random places just to mark territory and their poop smells ten times more than dogs poop. It's awful believe me. They also don't like to wear clothes. And last but not least, cats, also transmit a disease. There are parasitic infestatios and bacterial/viral infections. The two main diseases is toxoplasmosis and
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