Should Cell Phones Be Allowed In School Research

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Are Cell Phones in Class a Good Thing?

Cell phones have been around in the classroom for a short period of time, but are they a benefit for the educational setting? This introduction of cell phones to the classroom have created various opinions, such as cell phones are a huge distraction to the environment or how cell phones have created lessons that no outdated textbook could. Even though older folk have generally rejected the idea of phones in class, electronics have brought a new breath of life into the educational world. Cell phones have overall brought a huge positive impact into the schools of many because they’re a much better alternative than the old and outdated textbooks. Not only do they replace dreaded textbooks, but they can save mass
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In the past cell phones have created disruptions in the learning environment such as texting to friends, cheating on a test, and setting up fights. This communication and the use of the phone is entirely up to the user, and if not used for its purposes can be a problem. For an example, when a student is allowed on their phone they can feel like they can do anything they want, so when asked to have it put away the student can be more likely to ignore the teacher. This creates the tension between the teacher and student and not only result in a disruption the learning environment, but can create an influence for other students to follow the example.

Even though cell phones have their flaws in the classroom, I think they are a much more positive outcome of technology than some think. These devices have so much potential to become the best learning method. Teachers would be able to think outside of the box on lesson plans and study methods. Cell phones become a power house to saving money, creating lessons, and keeping people in touch with each other when used correctly, and is the next step in the way people are educated in the world
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