Why Are Characters To Blame For The Deaths Of Romeo And Juliet

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Many characters in the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet are to blame for their deaths, because of reasons of fate or perhaps actions of other characters. However, the characters are not to completely blame for the tragedy for they were just a fragment that led up to the events. The feud between the families only made the couple 's love somewhat impossible, thus only an obstacle in their path that they themselves worsened. Had both lovers respected their families wishes the whole tragedy wouldn 't have happened and the casualties of the affair would 've still been alive. In other words, the ones to blame for this incident is Romeo and Juliet themselves, their hasty decisions led to conflicts, led to the deaths of others and ultimately causing the deaths of theirselves. The secrecy of the couple 's…show more content…
Romeo 's personality of peace, loving, yet vengeful caused his own doom once he was exiled for killing Tybalt who killed Mercutio. Thus 'evidently causing pain for Juliet who lost both her lover and cousin. Juliet 's father arranging Juliet 's marriage to Paris made her mourning worse, already being married to Romeo yet being separated made her to reason with Friar Laurence. The plan that was supposed to reunite both Lovers indefinetly brought upon their own doom. Juliet herself drank the sleeping potion when Romeo was on his way earlier than anticipated, whom bought poison upon hearing of her "death" , planning to kill himslef on her tomb alongside her. The friar 's inability to succesfully delivering the letter to Romeo stating that Juliet was alive was a gap that caused romeo to make his harsh decision, but it was too late once he got to the tomb. Upon killing Paris and himself with the poison, Romeo fell beside Juliet, whom stabbed herself once she awoke upon seeing Romeo dead before her eyes. Had Romeo and Juliet respected their families wishes, had they not gone into secrecy, had their relatives stayed out of their love, they wouldnt have blindly caused
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