Why Are Charter Schools Bad

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One topic that has been arising lately, and has became a controversy, is charter schools. Many think charter schools are bad, well others think they are good for kids. Charter schools are bad in several different ways, and they cause lots of unneeded problems. Like close schools, separate kids and suck in cash from the government.

One reason why charter schools are bad, is because they close down other schools. According to, “Some of the biggest charter school supporters are simultaneously working to close traditional public schools.” This means that the charter schools are working together to close down the public schools. One argument against this, is that charter schools have no affect about the public schools closing down, but this
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According to the article, “A dozen problems with charter schools”, the author states that, “Far too many are cash cows. When Pennsylvania is seen by hedge fund managers as prime ground for “investment opportunities” in charter schools, you know something is terribly wrong. And when four of the top political campaign donors in the entire state are connected to charter schools, you have to start asking why.” This means that charter schools take advantage of the government and use them to get more money than they would if they were a public school. Some may argue that this information is false, but it has been proven that charter schools tend to receive more money than public schools. Donors are donating money to charter schools, and those donors are linked to the government through political campaigns. All this money for charter schools is unfair to public schools, as they usually have more kids than charter schools thus they need more money. Public schools also have more teachers than charter schools, but they receive less money than charter school teachers because all the government funding is going towards charter
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