Essay About Communication Skills

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Who does not want to have more friends and influence more people? This can lead to a happier life, a better job, and enriched lifestyle. Essentially, there are no minuses and only pluses to building up your network of friends and associates. So, here are ten reasons why those communication skills will yield more friends, and help you in influencing others. 1. Because They Show an Interest Good communication is a two-way street. By using the simple traits of talking and listening to others, you can build up friendships and influence people. It is quite common for people to love to talk about themselves or a favourite subject. People with good communication skills will show an interest in that subject and ask questions. Also, showing an interest…show more content…
By Remembering Details It 's said that God is in the details; so too is connecting with people to influence them and become friends. This ties in with several points already mentioned; when you talk to someone or read about them, you invariably pick up small details about them, their lives, their likes and dislikes. A critical aspect of good communication skills is remembering these details and then using them to advance your goals. If you write a letter to someone and remember to ask about their wife or mother, they pick up on that. If you 're trying to influence people to buy a product or support you, giving a presentation where you mention something that is important to them, that is a step toward winning them over. 5. Because They Encourage Others There are plenty of naysayers in the world that will tell others they cannot do something. Part of good communication skills is encouraging people to achieve, to live up to their full potential. This doesn 't mean giving them false hope; that again is a sure way of losing friends and not influencing people. By assessing the abilities of others, seeing where their strengths lie and then encouraging them toward a reasonable goal, you can make friends. In this case, the good communication skills are the ability to give the right sort of pep talk, or giving them the guidance to find where their talents can take
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