Why Are Competitive Sports Dangerous

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People say competitive sports is dangerous. Other people say it isn’t.
Parents argue that their kids have a chance of a severe injury that can cost lots of money. Others argue that it’s beneficial because kids can make new friends.
Competitive sports are dangerous for kids because when you lose you lose self esteem, it could lead to an injury, and it is loads of money. So competitive sports are dangerous.

The first reason why competitive sports are dangerous is because it can cause a lot of injuries. When kids get injuries it causes their parents to have to pay a huge medical bill. It could be life taking. When an athlete gets injured when they don’t takeoff time from competitive sports then it will make the injury not be able to heel. A 10 year old kid got a concussion because of playing footbal. Adam Buckley States how his son had a concussion from just practice. “Ten days earlier, he’d taken a helmet-to-helmet hit during practice and he sustained a concussion .” That shows how it is dangerous even. Cohen, Adam Buckley. "Listening to Wisdom From a 10-Year-Old Son About His Head Injury." The New York Times. The New York Times,
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The second reason why competitive sports are dangerous is because parents are having to dig down deep in their pockets and spend lots of money on their child 's admission, equipment and their uniforms/practice clothes. Parents have to spend lots of money on equipment. Parents spend up to $671 a from equiptment to jerseys. “Visual News” states, “In the United States, parents spend $671 on average per year to cover the costs of uniforms and the hefty fees charged for registration,” VisualNews.com. "High Cost of Youth Sports." The Huffington Post. TheHuffingtonPost.com, 21 June 2013. Web. 13 Apr.
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