Why Are Crutches Bad

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Crutches are a social aid to needy people. Although things such as drugs, smoking, and drinking help at the moment they do not help what ever you are using for.But Why do we need them? How does it work? Crutches are what people seek during bad times to ease the pain. So you can tell that bad times are directly related to bad habits. Bad times cause stress, stress can occur during adolescence , sadness due to death, or even a stressful job. A friend told me when he first got a job at a fast food restaurant; he was asked if he smoked. Of course being a minor he didn’t. But after a month of working there a picked up the smoking habit. But if cigarettes are nasty then how do people get addicted? Nicotine, in small doses, makes you feel at ease and distracts your brain by sending it fake award messages. The chemical in nicotine, Dopamine, is found in most drugs, which makes the user feel “high.” This makes the brain want more, which feeds the addiction. The users Most smokers admit that they picked up the habit in their adolescent years. Everyone regrets it. Everyone. Most teens are broken by peer pressure, the influence of a person by their friends. They get hooked by being at social events such as parties. Every teenager…show more content…
(CDC statistics) 9% of Americans are drug users. Drug addiction begins when you use the drug to help forget about your real problems. After a while the need grows. Like I mentioned earlier, like smokers, peer pressure is very relevant to drug abuse. People grow up to watching their idols, such as their parents, famous people, or friends use drugs. Like the saying goes, “monkey see, monkey do.” As an act to imitate them they get addicted to the substance, because of the feeling. After a while people began to hate being sober (shout out Chief Keef.) Which, sadly, can lead to drug overdose. In 2016 there were 47,055 deaths caused by drug overdose. So this is a very serious situation in the
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