Why Are Dogs Better Than Cats

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Dogs or Cats?

It’s on: the ultimate pet showdown, a battle between dogs and cats. Sure, they both are adorable. Yes, they both are cuddly. But which one makes the best pet? Almost everyone around the world can answer this one. Dogs win when it comes to popularity. Dog freaks outnumber cat fans by almost two to one. But why do people prefer dogs than cats? Dogs make better pets than cats because they are intelligent, they are caring, and dogs can save people’s lives.

To begin with, dogs make better pets than cats for the reason that dogs are more intelligent. All this doggy devotion must have to do with a dog 's big brain power. According to Scholastic Magazine, “ ‘The average dog can learn 165 words; that 's equivalent to the vocabulary of a two-year-old child.’ says Stanley Coren from Parade Magazine.” In other words, dogs are smarter than cats for the cause of their wide vocabulary. They can grasp things easier and understand a variety of words and meanings. The effect of this is that dogs are easier to train since they have an ability to comprehend a larger variety of words and meanings than cats. Likewise, the website CNN claims, “A cat’s cerebral cortex has 250 million neurons. A 15-pound mixed-breed dog has 429 million neurons. When looking at the 64-pound golden retriever, the count was even higher: 627 million neurons. Dogs have twice as many neurons as cats in their cerebral cortex. This implies that dogs have more cognitive capabilities than cats.” This
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