Why Are Factory Workers Still Relevant Today

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The factory workers and the Africans both got treated and went through unbelievable and intense pain. But, who got treated worse during their time, the factory workers or the Africans? The factory workers got treated worse because they went through torture every single day that they lived. What was happening to the factory workers is still happening today in parts of the world. They went through pain every day.
The factory workers got worked dreadfully during the industrial revolution. The hours were long and there were no safety regulations. "Furthermore, among boys as well as girls; puberty is retarded." (Life in the mines) This shows how the development of their bodies was deformed because of how their bodies were shaped while they were growing up. They worked in these conditions to support their family so that they could continue on living, they didn 't have another choice. but there are some fates worse than death. "The children and young people are employed" (Life in the mines) This quote explains how even children were growing up in these factories. Children, working in unsafe
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"After watching for five minutes, Puckett felt sick.. 'there was zero ventilation in that room ' he says" (The garbage man) This was published fairly recently, in 2001. This quote explains how even today, there 's little safety regulations in some work areas in jobs around the world. He was only watching them work for five minutes and he started to feel sick, the people working there probably had to be there all day. Not only that, but they were getting paid poorly for the job as well. "thousands of ex-farmers were streaming in from the countryside to earn $1.50 a day."(The garbage man) For reference, the current federal minimum wage in America is $7.25. The way that the workers were being treated back in the industrial revolution is still happening today, making it

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