Why Are Foster Parents Important

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Foster Parents Are Key
If the greatest gift in the world is the production of life, then why does it not automatically come with unconditional love from all bloodline ties? The answer to this question is quite simple. In fact, the answer to this question lies within that old saying, just because someone births a child, does not mean that that one should raise that child. This answer, amongst various others, is one of the reasons for the necessity of the Foster Care System worldwide. The Foster Care System is a treasure in itself because it mends the gap for less fortunate children to be adequately cared for during any remaining juvenile years. However, total credit cannot be given to this system alone though. In fact, the individuals who volunteer
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Introducing a new addition to a family can bring about responsibility to the family of siblings, cousins, and other family members. With the initial placement of a foster it is crucial for the parents, as well as the whole family, to interact with the child/children because this is a new addition to the family and everyone’s acceptance is needed for the child to feel comfortable. This gives the child encouragement, and feel that everything is going to be alright because they will learn and know that they gained a new family. In addition to the immediate family members all remaining on one accord, a great support system is important also. One of the key ways additional support is given is via extended family, such as family and community participants. Another key factor arrives with the gaining of an extended village made up of friends, neighbors, and even some additional family members to give the extra support that is needed when raising a child successfully. Lastly, along with the presence of foster parents also comes miscellaneous supportive factors in regarding to raising children; such as church or faith-based…show more content…
However, without the existence and diligence of the foster parents, the system itself would not thrive as efficiently. For with the presence of foster parents, comes a wealth of positive attributes. And although the naysayers believe that the most vital component is the system of Foster Care itself, this is just simply not the case. For the system itself does not provide hands-on conducive home fronts, emotionally stable environments, extended family/villages, nor guidance with decision making on a daily basis; all of which the foster parents do, hereby making foster parents the most vital constituents concerning the effectiveness of successfully raising a foster

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