Crime In El Salvador

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On this project 2, I will be talking about targeting the young: Gangs of El Salvador (part 4). Danny Gold from VICE news investigated on how El Salvador teenagers are often at risk from violence. El Salvador’s murder rate has increased over the past year and all because gangs are targeting young people. Gold interviewed Mauricio Garcia a 15-year-old boy and an ambulance volunteer. Mauricio and other volunteers deal with people who have been wounded or gun-shot, or who have been fighting. They risk their life to attend to victims of gunshot wounds or any medical emergency.
In El Salvador gang violence is a major problem and many parents are not living a comfortable life because it happens as a daily basis they hear gunshots. As every day passes,
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No parent would like to imagine his/her children using weapons. The circumstance of criminal acts in El Salvador has increased during the past year. Danny Gold from VICE news uses a 2000 year old method of persuasion developed by the Greek philosopher Aristotle to convince television viewer that gang violence is rampant in El Salvador and ruining people’s lives. Gangs are a menace to society, because they target the most vulnerable, the young people, teenager, even children under 12.
Danny Gold known as one of the reporter from VICE news and an expert with handling situation with different people interviewed two people, a 15- year- old and an ambulance volunteer, Mauricio Garcia. Gold establishes his credibility by saying that the reducing of gangs will reduce gang violence. Mauricio is a good mature speaker and for his reputation he shared out that as a citizen from El Salvador gangs is a menace to the society. Gold also interviewed one of the detention center workers, Maria Concepcion Cubias which she is an experience woman with young girl’s member of the MS-13 and 18th street. These people that Gold spoke to knows that the society is endanger and they are putting their life in risk by helping people dealing with
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Gold quotes that 90% of the schools are having problems with gangs. Many parents are taking out their children from school and are looking forward to emigrate their children to the north. There are 20 families a month that are migrating to north especially those who are young under 25 and children under 12- years- old. There are many different of gang members but the most known ones are the Mara Salvatrucha- 13 and the 18th street. There are thousands of gangs that every time they are recruiting young children. People from El Salvador are being charge for their lives; gangs charges $7000 to men and $4000 to women and children.
In conclusion, Danny Gold from VICE news makes this video to show how innocent people in El Salvador are suffering from gang violence. The video is effective because it persuades that in the recent year the circumstance of crime acts is increasing in El Salvador and ruining the people’s lives. Most of the gangs encounter is the society is a threat because they target the vulnerable, young people and
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