Glacier Melting: The Cause Of Global Warming

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When we hear the word “glaciers melting”, many questions and thoughts such as “Why do glaciers melt? What is the cause of it? What are the effects of it? Why is it important for us to know and understand?” and so on would definitely come in to our mind. Yes, it is extremely significant for every one of us to know and understand because we are human and we are those who make it to happen. To be clearer, humans are the major cause of glaciers melting because human activities such as deforestation and burning fossil fuels cause the global warming which is a very serious environmental issue that leads to climate change and it creates many problems in the world. Glacier melting is one of the effects of climate change that has several negative consequences…show more content…
There are many other species that are affected by it too. However, the species that are worst affected by glaciers melting are the species whose habitats are in cold and ice-covered regions. For this reason, polar bears and Antarctic penguins are in threatening situation because polar bears feed themselves by eating seals and other prey that they hunt on the ice and in the water. But now, their lives are threatened as the ice on which they need to hunt and feed is melting and they need to go somewhere else to find their food. (Bell) Krill are a major food source for penguins. According to scientists, the populations of Krill are falling since the ice sheets where they find refuge and algae as food retreat and it makes penguins’ lives harder because they have to migrate farther to look for their foods. Besides, “spending a lot more energy and time to find their foods makes them less successful at breeding and raising young penguins.” (Dell’ Amore) Similarly to what the polar bears and penguins have been facing, the tiny ice worms that can survive at 0ºC and feed themselves by eating algae and pollen that grow and fall in the ice sheets may be lost as well because their glacier habitat melts away by the increase of temperature. (Glaciers) As it is shown earlier that human are the main cause of global warming that creates the climate change and then leads to many problems including glaciers melting, we then should also realize the significance of understanding the effects of glaciers melting. The reason is that when it comes to the effects of glaciers melting, both human and animals have to face with the Beside, all of these effects cause the mass migration to both human and animals. Worse than that, it leads to higher extinction rate of
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