Why Are Honey Bees Decline

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Bees in Decline
Honey bees visit around 50-100 different flowers in one collection trip for honey; What would happen if millions of hives are declining in populations? The decline in bees is a serious problem that could cause the beautiful spring colors to turn dark and saturated without colors. This epidemic is worldwide, and could be a serious problem, more than one third of what goes on your plate is made with products that have been pollinated by bees (The Bees in). The bees have been declining in most of Europe because of the rough cold winters they have had the past years dropping their populations by almost 53%, as well as pesticides dropping the populations and killing of the entirety of a single hive (). This problem could cause a
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In the winter they are expecting to lose around 40 to 50 percent of their average beehives. Farmers haven’t necessarily noticed a decline in pollination of crops, because the decrease isn’t as apparent yet, but the Californian almond fields have. The fields usually require around 1.8 million bees to have a successful harvest, but since the incredible amount of bee losses in the last decade or so, farmers have had to export healthy bee colonies nationwide (). If the problem persists farmers of all sorts of plants that need pollination will have to export bees or not even get the amount of bees for a full successful harvest. This problem will get worse and worse overtime, and could eventually kill out those beautiful colored springs that the world is used to. Many have said, “that the cause of colony collapse disorder is likely a combination of factors that includes the widespread use of pesticides and fungicides, as well as the spread of viral pathogens and parasitic mites in beehives“ (Tucker). these can wipe out an entire colony or even thousands. This problem is a global problem, as Europe is also seeing the effects of an extraordinarily strong winter rolled by, potentially causing around 50% of their bee population to drop due to the harsh cold and crisp air. This is generally the most concerning against global warming causing harsh winters and summers, potentially dropping the bee population…show more content…
These of course are all small ways to help the overall problem, but in mass majority the problem can be easily fixed, getting your voice out there and projected at a federal level could save our bees and our beautiful prosperous springs, and summers. If the population is unwilling to contribute this way, even limiting water can help the eventual collapse of the bee species as a whole, “The yield of vegetables and fruits is very low because of inadequate moisture content in the soil. Changes such as heavy rainfall in unseasonable months and severe water shortages at regular intervals indicate climate change.” (Pramila); climate change is a big deal when it comes for the populations of bees, and limiting water usage or conserving water can help the situation as a whole. Becoming a beekeeper as a hobby would not only grow the populations of bees, but an individual can even relocate the hives in the nature and expand the amount of populations that could repopulate and grow the average of colonies as a whole, “Today, there are half as many beekeepers as there were two decades ago, and the remaining beekeepers are mostly large-scale pollination services with thousands of hives and millions of bees. But there was a

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