Why Are Honor Codes Important In Schools

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Honor codes are, like the name itself implies, created as a method of making students follow a set of rules that discourage them from engaging in activities of academic dishonesty. They are made to preserve the honor of the students through a set of rules that are expected to be followed. Honor codes are an integral part of every school and they should be established and maintained in all forms of education. All schools should have honor codes because honor codes foster an environment without cheating, can be revised by the students themselves, and give students control over the environment in which they learn. The environment created by honor codes positively benefits the school and the students. Honor codes are used in schools to ensure that the work produced by each student is unique and reflects the knowledge of each individual student. No two people can have the same exact ideas in the same exact words, and an honor code is established in a school in order to discipline students when they do not rely on their own knowledge to complete a task. Schools that…show more content…
Honor codes should be mandatory in every school because schools are places where students learn the skills necessary in order to face the reality of life and the hard work that is needed in order to succeed. If schools do not enforce an honor code, students will develop with the notion that cheating is not punishable and is socially acceptable, even though this is in fact not true. In light of this, it is imperative that schools avoid this misconception so that students understand that cheating is not acceptable. Honor codes help in accomplishing this because they instill the preconceived notion that they should be honest with themselves about how much knowledge they really have about a subject. Furthermore, honor codes create a fair system of judgment for all

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