Why Are Individual Civil Liberties Important

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“They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”- Benjamin Franklin. People who are willing to let police have more power in being hopeful in being safe from crime do not deserve to be safe or free. In our country, protecting individual civil liberties is more important than national security. Civil liberties helps to protect personal freedom with the help of Freedom from Cruel and Unusual Punishments, Freedom from Unreasonable Searches and Seizures, and Freedom of Speech.

First, Freedom from Cruel and Unusual Punishments protects us from unacceptable actions due to the suffering or pain it inflicts on the person. “The U.S. Government has taken into custody individuals… held for months in solitary confinement without charge.” “Eroding Liberties”(“ACLV”). If you’re held in custody that doesn’t give anyone the right to punish you or hurt you to get information out of a witness or suspect. “Were subjected to a pattern of physical and verbal abuse.” “Eroding Liberties”(“ACLV”). The Cruel and Unusual Punishment Clause states that it restricts the severity of punishments that state and federal governments may impose upon persons who have been convicted of a criminal offense.
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Law Enforcement authorities may now conduct secret searches and wiretaps in your home without showing probable cause.” “Eroding Liberties”(“ACLV”). Although secret searches can help our government catch a terrorist it’s a violation of our privacy in many ways. “It revealed NSA has maintained a number of mass-surveillance programmes over its citizens… regardless of whether or not they are persons of interest.”(Edward Snowden: the true story…). The government needs to have probable cause or a warrant, that is signed by a judge to be able to search a person’s house or
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