Why Are Junior High Important

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How do you survive Jr. High? A lot of kids are scared of entering junior high, but it’s not very difficult. Junior High is all about learning to how balance different aspects of your life. Junior High helps to prepare you for high school and college. It teaches you how to properly balance your social life, person responsibilities, and academic responsibilities. Academic responsibilities are very crucial in order to survive jr. high. Organization is the key to passing classes. If you have proper organization, you will never lose papers and you will always be prepared for class. Studying is always important in order to ensure good grades on quizzes and tests. There are many different ways to study. I think the best way to study is reviewing previous homework and tests/quizzes. Pay attention and take notes even if you don’t think you’ll need to. Taking notes is a good way to help you remember what you read/studied. Taking notes also helps your hand and muscles to remember what you wrote and read so that the…show more content…
At this age your social life is very important. I’m not saying you have to be the most popular or have the best reputation. But, you should try to make friends who will always have your back, because you never know what might happen. A good way to make friends is to join after-school activities life drama, ASB, and after-school sports. If you get yourself involved in these recreational activities, you will have more fun at school and with the people around you. Drama is a great way to express yourself and get involved in the arts and learn more about your abilities and talents. ASB is a good program for you if you would like to express your thoughts and opinions and try to make a difference. After-school sports are always fun because you get to be in a team and compete! Any of these choices and more are great ways to keep you happy and social throughout junior
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