Why Are Katniss Considered Hero's?

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Are Katniss and Hercules both considered hero’s? Katniss is a modern day hero because she had a quest to fulfill, she had many strengths, and a personality full of different attitudes. Hercules is a greek god he has all the same traits has Katniss but these two heroes are different. Hero’s have quest most of these quest start out all with the same idea but sometimes they don’t turn out the way hero’s want and most of the time they do. Katniss had a quest to go into the hunger games and win after she volunteered to take her sister 's spot. When they arrived to the capital her quest began, she went to trainings to train and to watch the other tributes to see what their strongest at doing. When training was over and it was time to go into the arena to battle for your life katniss was nervous but she went in with a brave face. As more and more people…show more content…
Hero’s strengths is what helps them with quest and generally throughout life. Katniss’s main strength was her bow and arrow, but she could be trained very easily to learn new things. When she needs food she shoots the animal in the eye so it doesn’t mess with the meat. Hercules has many strengths but he mainly uses his superhuman strength. Some say he could have lifted over 100 tons on bench in present day. The personality of a person is what makes them who they are today or hundreds of years ago. People said that katniss is made up of a variety of personality traits. For example, she’s compassionate, independent, moral, responsible, unpredictable, and even sometimes she’s angry. Hercules is most known for being very self confident, but is also known for being crazy, and unpredictable because of Hera’s spell she casted on him people came to believe these things. Katniss and Hercules are both considered hero’s. Just because they have different quest, strengths, and personalities. All these things being different doesn’t make one more a hero than the
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