Why Are Penny Stocks Important

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The most important tip to remember when making a long term investment in any particular stocks share or bond is to realize that stocks will have their days when they will be down so don’t get upset or shocked when your stock dips a little bit in value because there is a good possibility that if it’s a reliable stock, like one with a fairly high price and not a penny stock, it will bounce back. If you sell a stock the second you begin to see the percentage turn red, there is a very good chance that you will either receive the same amount of money you started out with and not profit at all or you will most likely lose money as a result of hastiness. Another important tip to adhere to is to avoid investing too much into so called “penny stocks.” Penny stocks are stocks that have $5 or less in value.…show more content…
You are just as likely to make a profit off of penny stocks as a more reliable company worth around $50 but you are even more likely to experience a big loss if a penny stock suddenly crashes to no value because you will lose all of your investment which is less likely to happen with a reliable company’s stock such as Walmart, Google, Apple etc. because these companies are well known and will mostly likely have investors into the foreseeable future. A video game you could make to teach the player about these tips would be a game that relates to what people nowadays like to play and will entertain the learner, like a wrestling video game. The rules of the game would be that each time you knock out your opponent, you are given the option to invest in a new stock like cardinal health stock. For every punch you land on your opponent, your stock will go up. For every missed hit, your stock will decline a little bit in
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