Why Are People Failing In College

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In college today there is an overload of privacy. People believe the they are old enough to be trusted on their own. The pravice given by the college is too much for the students too handle on their own. Also people in college don't have enough time to do everything they want. These are some of the main reasons that people in college are failing. In college people believe that they can be trusted on their own. This is shown by the lack of support that they have to fall back on. In high school you always had your parents to help you. Then now in college there's usually no parents to help you. This is a big part of highschool to college live. The college privacy level is 10x more than what was expected in high school. In high school parents could see there kids grades And see what they have missed. This all changes when you get into college there is no one making you go to class and no one checking your grade but you. Is can put a lot of stress on an individual.…show more content…
You just became a young parent and there are a lot of things to do. Many kids in college are making unhealthy choices that are very time consuming. This makes it harder to attend class and be ready to learn. This would be a main reason why people are failing in college. These are the main reasons people are failing in college. There are still people that strive with the college set up. Still are are many reasons why this setup is failing. If people try to change the setup. If college changes the way they work there will be less people that fail in high
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