Pros And Cons Of Being Rude

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Are people you are around getting rude.Because more and more people are getting rude and just careless.But do you know why they are getting rude or in other words getting careless.A reading stated that people are getting rude because of their phones.For example the way they use them and act with their phones.LIke the guy who was gabbing on his phone at a Star Wars movie because he thought he was not being rude.In my opinion people are getting rude because of their phones and the way they use their phones.This essay will explain the reasons why I feel people are getting rude in other words careless because of our phones. My first reason why I think people are getting rude because they way use their phones because they consider to see if there’s a cyclist or if there are cars coming because they want to play candy crush.In other words while you stay on your phone and try to cross the street and you don’t see the cyclist who is coming which then swerves off into a mail truck then crashes into a…show more content…
.This was the opinion’s of the people who were asked the questions and that’s what they think is
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