Why Are Police Brutality Wrong

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Why do cops kill for no reason? In the month between May and June more than 4 people in every state was getting killed by a cop (Dilascio) .Police Brutality is excessive force or use of a weapon against a civilian. This issue is important to society because people need to know the law and how it works. Congress passed a law that really does not hold any weight it’s called “police misconduct” but this isn’t hitting the main point of Police Brutality. Police Brutality is wrong because people lose their lives or get beat and harmed from a simple arrest.
Congress are never towards justice when cases of police brutality come in the courthouse the cop always or on leave with pay, This has been going on for decades since Emmit Till and Rondney King
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the riots included murders, orson, and looting, and ended up causing significant damage to the city, only in terms of property and finances, but also with respects to race relations (Walter).When americans think about police brutality, what comes to mind are violations of civil rights and several historical events although thousands of undocumented and unrecorded incidents of police brutality have occurred.
Civil rights: Civil rights refer to the collective rights and freedoms given to citizens. In addition to laws against discrimination as well as the right to due process of law during criminal trials, citizens have the right to be free from undue government interference.
The Civil Rights movement in the 1960s was accompanied by many incidents of police brutality committed against African-Americans and their supporters the pictures and videos of these incidents, broadcast on national television, included nonviolent protesters being tear-gassed, beaten with billy clubs, and even sprayed with fire hoses. Tasers weren’t introduced back then so they used torture like that.
Taser: A taser is a brand weapon (also known as a stun gun). Carried by many police officer that upon firing, 2n electroshock.The shock is intended to be non-lethal, but sufficient to temporarily stun an
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