Why Are Police Cameras Important

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The camera has become one of the most important tools in the history of police and now the body cameras have taken the efficiency and the trustworthiness of the police into higher grounds than the past. These special cameras are so small that they can be mounted on sunglasses, clipped to the helmets or hats or it can be placed in the collar of the uniform. The officers have to wear them throughout the shift and the battery can last more than 12 hours. One of these cameras can be purchased at the price of $ 1200. There are several advantages for the officer.
The officers have to produce data or facts in order to prove the crimes and also to help the victimized parties. Traditionally, they had kept those useful information in papers and it is not an easy way for the officers to check and produce them to the relevant parties whenever they are required. These cameras have the facility of storing data and it is very important for the police officers. The officers can record the
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These videos and photographs can be stored in a server or the officer can store it in his camera. With the help of the taken photographs, the officer can have a good opportunity in capturing certain required individuals. It is not legal for an officer to take a photograph of a civilian without court orders, but with this camera, he can get the photograph without any problem, so the facial; recognition is one of the positive advantages offered by the body cameras.

These cameras are controlled by the officers and they have the ability to cover various high intensity situations. Sometimes the police may have to face certain issues when considering the intensity of the issue. On such occasions the police has to provide accurate facts, so the camera can offer a clear picture of the situation. The solid video evidences can do a better work than the traditional papers and notebooks (Philly.com,
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