School Uniform Cons

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Samantha Sanders
EBusiness Communications
5 December 2014
Some schools have uniforms and some do not. Although there are several different reasons as to why, most are similar. There are some pros to having uniforms and several cons, as expected. Some pros include not having to pick an outfit in the morning, or having to wash several different outfits for school the night before. As far as cons go, I could list several.

Depending on whom you ask, school uniforms could be considered a good thing or a bad thing. Most students would definitely say they are not liked and would much rather pick their own outfits each and every day. Although there is the rare occasion where school uniforms are favored, it is not likely. Each and every student
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Most students would disagree, but I believe they would be a good thing. One reason I believe this is because you would not have to stress out each and every morning to find an appropriate and comfortable outfit to wear- it would already be picked out for you! Because you had a uniform and did not have to spend the extra time before school to decide what to wear, you will get to sleep in fifteen to thirty minutes longer than normal. Because you slept in, you will be more awake and cheery when you arrive to school. Making you more awake will bring up test scores and can even give you some incentive to complete missing work. Completing missing work will bring up your grade in any given class tremendously. So as you can see, just a simple administrative decision to provide school uniforms can bring up graduation rates.

As far as administrators’ and teachers’ opinions go, I am sure most of them would be all for school uniforms. Any dress code issues would be basically minute considering every student will be wearing almost the same thing. Spending less time addressing dress code issues can result in more time to teach students, also raising their grades. Of course, there are those students who will rebel greatly if the choice to incorporate uniforms into the school is made. Some students just do not do great with being told what to do, or wear for this
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Requiring every student to dress the same can help to make everyone equal and therefore cut down on feeling superior to one another. On the other hand, you have to consider that bullying happens everywhere and most likely will still continue to exist in a school with uniforms, although it may help to decrease it a significant amount. Bullying is a serious issue, but the school board has to figure out if uniforms will help or hurt their cause. As far as hurting, I am not sure what damage it could do to the bullying cause but I am sure there is some. Now that I consider it, it would make those less fortunate easier to discover. For example, it would be easier to spot dirty shirts with stains on them or to smell people if they had to wear the same thing every single day.

As you can see, uniforms are either yes or no, there is no in between. There are many consequences to requiring uniforms in schools, good and bad. Some upsides include possibly fewer kids being bullied and being able to get less sleep. With upsides also come downsides; some of these include no way to express personal clothing, or that the students would be uncomfortable throughout the school day. Although there are so many different views someone could use to evaluate their decision, it is good to keep the students’ best interests in mind. What would have the greatest positive effect on
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