Why Are Sinkholes Formed In Earth

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Have you come home from a long day of work and realized your house was devoured by the earth. Ask yourself, ‘why is this?’. This is because a sinkhole has formed in the area due to unstable land because the rock below the land has been replaced by the water, which can no longer hold up the land. They are very rare, although unpredictable. However, there are many factors of why a sinkhole may have happened. To when they will happen. Therefore, sinkhole formation is impacted by the climate changes and many other factors. Sinkholes are holes that emerge from the ground in karst regions where layers of the ground collapsing into holes. Sinkholes form when regular water or acidic water (from runoff and acid rain) dissolves the sedimentary rocks. The acidic water only speeds up the process of dissolving sedimentary rocks that include limestone, calcite, and many others that are now gone due to the water or acidic water. These rocks have now been replaced by water through the formed conduits that are now holding up the land above it. This area is known as a karst region. Then, when the water level goes down due to many reasons such as drought and people using the water. The water becomes unstable and cannot hold up the land any…show more content…
Solution sinkholes happen when a thin cover of soil, showing the bedrock. As water gets into the bedrock, it carries the rock with it. Over time, holes form and eventually collapse into a sinkhole. Also, cover-collapse is when the bedrock is covered by a deep layer of soil. On the other hand, when it wears down, the cracks form. These cracks eventually become unstable and turn into sinkholes. Finally, a cover-substance forms over a period of time. When soil and material are not solid in the bedrock, areas made mainly of clay of sand become highly prone to holes and then, a large sinkhole. So, sinkholes form very unexpectedly and in different ways as

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