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Why Are Stainless Steel Drinking Straws So Good Drinking out of a straw is a great way to drink and not have to be concerned about spilling your drink all over your lap. The problem that you may find is some of the plastic straws are not as good of high quality as what you would expect. To avoid this issue, you should know why the stainless steel drinking straws are a great option to use. Once you do know why these are such a great option, you will never look back at any of the other straws again. BPA is a major issue for a lot of the plastic straws people are using. Yes, it is possible to buy straws that are BPA free, but for a lot of people it is going to be hard to find these straws and when they do find them they may cost quite a bit more than what…show more content…
When they are molded, it will generally be easy to fit into the mouth and work for people that need to have the straw set in a specific position. Without this, people may have trouble in using the straw because they would be straight up and down straws. Resistance to staining is something else people are going to enjoy with the stainless steel drinking straws. Generally, if people are using the plastic reusable straws in a cup, they will find it is not going to stain and this can make it easier for people to enjoy the straw and know that it is going to be looking great all the time. Without this, people may end up having a plastic straw that is going to look like the drink they have all the time. Durability of the straw is something else that is a major concern of people, parents of toddlers especially, because the plastic straws can break. However, what people need to realize is they are going to find that stainless steel straws are often resistant to the bending and breaking that is commonly seen in some of the plastic
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