Analysis: Teens Should Be Tried As Adults

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Teens Tried as Adults Teens are the future of our society. They are the ones who will soon run the world we live in today. People make mistakes and no one is perfect. From these mistakes people learn, however some do not. Most of the time when a teen makes a bad choice something gets broken, they screw up in class or hurt someone's feelings. Then their are kids who make a bad choice and someone gets killed. Teens should be tried as adults for felony crimes in order to rehabilitate, bring justice to the victims and to keep the streets clean of these threats. Some people can learn from their mistakes but some can not. According to “What is the Law in California?” written by the non-profit organization Campaign for Youth Justice, Proposition…show more content…
In the article “Remember the Victims of Juvenile Offenders” Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins explains how the killer of her 26 year-old pregnant sister got away not only with that crime but others as well (Bishop-Jenkins 1). Bishop-Jenkins agrees how some teens need long term evaluation before they are able to rejoin the public, as a result should be tried as adults. If these criminals are shown there are no serious consequences for crimes then they will continue their antics. Teens should be tried as adults for felonies if they are unfit for juvenile detention centers for which they can not rehabilitate. Not only will it put criminals behind bars but will allow the victims to experience some…show more content…
“Juvenile Justice: Too Young for Life in Prison?” by HUMA KHAN shares the story of Cameron William who faces up to 110 years in prison for second degree-murder. William shot at a police officer in Omaha Nebraska and was also charged with robbery and assault in another County (Khan 1). William is shown to have a record of felonies, as a result, he was tried as an adult and idicited. Teens who go to prison throw their life away at a young age but their is no excuse for murder. These people are criminals who happen to be young. Chief Deputy Brenda Beadle states “Anyone who pulls a gun and aim it at an officer is a very serious threat and I would consider him a very dangerous individual”. Veterans on the force such as Brenda Beatle argue the danger teens just like adults can pose to their communities. Therefore teens charged with felonies should be tried as adults. A counter argument would be the teens brain is still developing. In the article “Experts Link Teen Brains Immaturity, Juvenile crime” Malcolm Ritter explains how the brain is developing in the teenage years for reasoning and developing which keeps doing so into the early mid 20s (Ritter 4). It is no question that teens can be immature but if teens are sophisticated enough to come up with an elaborate plan to attempt and commit a crime then this proves they are mature enough to face the consequences and
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