Why Are The Articles Of Confederation Ineffective

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Under the Articles of Confederation, The U.S. government was ineffective, as a result of the little power granted to Congress, along with weak relationships with other nations, and prompting the need for a centralized government. The biggest reason for the ineffectiveness of the U.S. government under the Articles of Confederation was the lack of power granted to Congress. The lack of power granted to Congress led to a disrespect of Congress’s rulings from the state governments. Whenever a law was passed, mainly, the state governments chose to do what they wanted, neglecting the laws and other commands, which ultimately lead to the disunity throughout the nation. As a result of thes disunity, many nations, Britain included, saw the Americans as weak and unorganized people. The leaders of the colonies heard of their reputation as a nation and chose to change it; George Washington was elected president. One of the final straws leading to the collapse of the Articles was Shay’s Rebellion, which showed the public how going on with this form of government would only encourage rebellion. Under the Articles of…show more content…
The many powerful people of the colonies wrote to talk against the formation of Congress. Letters would go into great depths about how Congress would make bad decisions, inefficiency and ultimately let down the American people. Especially, colonies’ individual governments such as Rhode Island spoke about how they do not approve of Congress and its main goals. In fact, the amount of boycott toward the idea of Congress did not allow the people to hear from Congress, but instead their state governments would overpower them with reasons not to allow it. This greatly affected the Congress’s way of communication to the colonialists. Many colonies did not believe but instead tried to take down
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