Why Are The Romans Important

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The Romans enjoyed many useful features for their day, including public toilets, underground sewage systems, fountains and ornate public baths. None of these aquatic innovations that we use today would have been possible without the Romans. Concrete  Many ancient Roman structures are still standing today, thanks to the development of Roman cement and concrete. Still today we used concrete to build a lot of things including houses and sidewalks. Newspapers  The Romans were known to contribute to public discourse through the use of official texts detailing military, legal and civil issues. Known as Acta Diurna, they included lists of games and gladiatorial bouts, birth and death notices and even human interest stories. Still today if you walk around you will find at least one persons…show more content…
The Romans built the most sophisticated system of roads the ancient world had ever seen. These Roman roads—many of which are still in use today—were constructed with a combination of dirt, gravel and bricks made from granite or hardened volcanic lava. These roads were often managed in the same way as modern highways. Stone mile markers and signs informed travelers of the distance to their destination, while special complements of soldiers acted as a kind of highway patrol. Roman Arches Vanni Archive/Corbis Arches have existed for roughly 4,000 years, but the ancient Romans were the first to effectively harness their power in the construction of bridges, monuments and buildings. The ingenious design of the arch allowed the weight of buildings to be evenly distributed along various supports, preventing massive Roman structures like the Colosseum from crumbling under their own weight.. Along with columns, domes and vaulted ceilings, the arch became one of the defining characteristics of the Roman architectural style. Battlefield Surgery G. Nimatallah/De Agostini/Getty
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