Why Are There Poor Countries In Nigeria

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Why are there poor countries? Some countries are poor because they lack natural resources, while several are full off and do not know how to use them in order to achieve their economic potential. One of the best examples is Nigeria. It has resources, but does not know how to exploit them. Nigeria Nigeria, the largest country in Africa, whose population was estimated to 178,516,904.0 million in 2014 is also unexpectedly reported to fight absolute poverty; 60.9% of Nigerians lived in absolute poverty in 2010. However, Nigeria is Africa’s biggest oil producer and exporter. So why does a country, rich of natural resources, have more than half of its residents live on less than $1.25 a day?…show more content…
Statistics estimate that for every year he was in position, he stole 2 to 3 percent of the country’s GDP and another 400$ billion the other officials between 1960-1999. (20 November,2015, UNODC). 400$ billion could have been used for health-vaccination for millions of kids, infrastructure and drinkable water facilities, but this was only a good thing to dream about, since those necessities will never appear or at least for a long period of time. The President of Nigeria was remarked for the impressing economic growth; however, he was still accused of abuses to the human-rights. A good ruler always has 2 perceptions in his mind: to abolish poverty and encourage a safe and warm atmosphere for his people. What happens in Nigeria right now is classified as inequality and non- existent life chances, as the rich own the rights and poor got to work for them like slaves. Most of them are trapped in the poverty trap. If the president of the country steals and harasses its nation, why would the owners of big industries do…show more content…
The land is perfect. Consequently, you could have thought that farming is a prosper business; however, more than half of them cannot achieve the big cities. Reason? The level of infrastructure in Nigeria is very low and about 80,000,000 people live isolated from the rest of the country. Rough and rutted roads, are the perfect words to describe the traffic conditions. If the people from the countryside can’t sell their fruits or vegetables, they cannot make a decent living. Furthermore, less than 49% of adults aged 20-60 know how to read or write and in the rural areas it is even smaller. No education, no infrastructure, no chance of getting a higher paid job, only indigence. People can’t study or export their products, so how would you expect people to exceed their social

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