Why Are There Still So Few Women In Science Ellen Pollack Summary

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In a century where technology is the most important role in our lives, women have a small role in it. Ellen Pollack shares her views on the shortage of woman in engineering, computer science and any sciences of that matter. Her articles Why Are There Still So Few Women in Science? and What Really Keeps Woman Out Of Tech? Point out the main reason to why there is such a small amount of woman in these fields and what holds a woman back from achieving her goals in the science fields. The main reasons are Fear, society’s norms, starting a family, women’s role in a marriage and in a home, competition in the workplace and no encouragement from peers, teachers, family and co-workers and salary differences between men and woman. Pollack shares her own experience as a woman who has a science degree in physics and also the experiences of other woman in the science fields. Pollack shares the different ways men and women are treated during the time they attend school, university and…show more content…
Her goal was to have the students share their views on why there was shortage of woman with science careers. Krauss told Pollack that very few students would be interested in the discussion and only a few would show up, around 80 female and 3 male students showed up. Students began to share their personal occurrences in class. One of the students said that there were only three girls in her AP physics class and two of them dropped out, the male students constantly teased her saying “You’re a girl. Girls can’t do physics” (Pollack, 2). Another student mentioned on high the professor would grade the boys on a “boy curve” and the girls on a “girl curve” because “he couldn’t reasonably expect a girl to compete in physics on equal terms with a boy” (Pollack, 3) The only girls who were not sharing stories were the ones that attended all-girl secondary schools or had grown up at foreign

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