Why Are We So Fat?

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Obesity is an important disease in the developed countries over the world, especially for children. Soft drinks, snack foods, and fast foods make us to get obesity easily and quickly; in addition, we can see these foods everywhere, and we can buy them in store or from vending machine with very cheap prices. According to the article: “Why Are We So Fat?”, we can get a meal containing 77 percent of our daily caloric requirement at McDonald’s only with 12 dollars – too fast, too convenient. That’s why in this article, Kelly Brownell favors the intervention of legislation suspending food advertising directed at children or removing soft drinks and snack foods from school vending machines. When I go to school, I usually buy a snack and a bottle of coke everyday just because I feel my cravings. The more children could not stop their appetites, so the government should do that for them.…show more content…
Firstly, people think that using fructose corn syrup is better than using natural sugar; however, fructose makes our brain think we are hungry when we are not really hungry, so we eat more and get fat quickly. Secondly, they use “Smart choices” label on every product to sell them easily. They added vitamin A, C on it, but the important thing was that still contain a lot of sugar. Finally, people are unaware what they eat every day. They just eat what they want, what they like without understanding these products. Therefore, people should read and understand the labels on each product, consider what they should buy to eat to lose their
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