Why Are Wolves Important To The Ecosystem

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Ecology Essay

Wolves are a very important part in many ecosystems. Wolves do a lot for the ecosystems that they live in. Wolves are also very interesting animals. The ecosystem, habitat, and niche, and food web are all very important to know about a wolves lifestyle. That is what i am here to tell you about.
Wolves contribute a lot to the ecosystems they live in. Without wolves the deer population would be through the roof. Also with more deers the plant population would start to dwindle, so wolves actually keep that from happening. They keep the ecosystem in control. Also we a wolf hunts a deer, the deer has to run which causes the dirt to get kicked up and moved around, which makes the grass grow in more places. In yellowstone they tried helping the population of other animals, by killing the
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A niche is they role an organism plays in its given ecosystem. A wolve’s role is very important as explained before. They keep the ecosystem in control. A wolves habitat are spread around the world, they are a very diverse species. Certain wolves live in rocky mountain ranges, other live in the freezing arctic, and some just live in forest where food is very plentiful. They have a very diverse habitat. They are also able to live with very large animals including elk, moose, and bears. That is a wolves habitat and niche. The food web is an important part of an ecosystem. A food web is a system of interconnected steps on how animals get their food or energy. A wolves food web starts with grass, grains, and fruits. Then elk eat the fruits and grasses, then coyotes eat the elk. Wolves then eat the coyotes. Sometimes wolves will just eat the deer or elk directly. A biome is like a giant habitat. Wolves have many different types of biomes. They can live in anywhere from the mountains to the snow. The most common place they live are forests. That is what a wolves biomes

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