Why Are You Interested In Becoming A Student Leader

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1. Why are you interested in becoming a student leader? The main reason for me to become a student leader is to help my Dad out financially; who is doing everything to get my brother and me who are currently in college, and my youngest brother who is a senior in high school to college. Becoming a student leader gives me the great opportunity to help strengthen myself personally, by improving my resume, strengthening my weaknesses, and to help others who are going through the same difficulties I faced transitioning to college. 2. Describe the skills and personal qualities that you believe are essential for a student leader to possess? To become a student leader there is a certain skillset, and qualities that this individual should possess to become successful. An individual must have strong verbal communication…show more content…
List three challenges and weaknesses you are always working on improving in yourself? Balancing soccer and school is always something I can always improve on. Being a student first and an athlete second is the main goal. I am a strict rule follower, and this can be negative towards my creativity. Also, I like to be a perfectionist to an extreme, and this can hinder my efficiency. 5. Three areas that being a leader will help me develop are communication, responsibility, and efficiency. I feel that these three areas of a person are extremely important to have in any professional setting in order to be impactful. 6. Describe three specific ways you can inspire students to be better students? First, I will talk to students individually. I want the students to be comfortable around me, and they should feel the need to ask me any questions they have. Second, I will help the student be involved in the school, because I believe that a student should take a grasp at every opportunity they have. Lastly, I would tell the student to express himself, because an opinion matters, and it is likely that this opinion is shared with other people within the

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