Why Arming Teachers Should Be Allowed To Carry Guns

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There have been many innocents of where demonic people choose to walk into a school full of loving people and just shoot them. Recently there was a massive shooting in Florida, resulting in 17 people dead. Students, teachers and family members that witnessed this tragic situation happen or just the parents who will not be able to hug their children(s) bye before school in the morning spoke out to this country and to the President that they have had enough, and they want something done now. Many people argue that they should ban guns just like other countries have to prevent any shootings of any kind, but President Trump has an idea stated in “Trump suggests arming teachers as a solution to increase school safety” by Dan Mercia. That teacher should carry guns on them for the school’s safety, but states that there is already plenty of teachers who are licensed to carry firearms and we should have them raise their hands to volunteer for the training. Arming teachers would be a very smart and new way of “making a change now “to school safety. If you were to ban all guns like some people protest that would not fix the solution. As for example, marijuana is illegal, but a large number of citizens have it. Just because it is illegal does not make it stop. If everyone followed the law and did what they were supposed to do then policemen would be out of their jobs. Also, as Dan Mercia states about Trump, “his political base of republican’s voters, overwhelmingly disapprove of
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