Why Athletes Are Overpaid

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Tiger Woods made 40 million dollars for his first sneaker deal. Athletes are being paid millions of dollars. Their salaries are enormous. Athletes are overpaid because other people with more important jobs should be getting paid more and athletes are getting paid for entertainment. Other people with more important jobs should be getting paid more. For example, the highest-paid type of doctor averages just over $500,000 per year. Doctors are saving lives but still getting paid less than athletes. Also, a GS-13 level astronaut makes about $107,000 per year and athletes are being paid millions of dollars. A lawyer with 11+ years of experience makes up to $170,000 per year. In conclusion, people saving lives for a job should be getting more money than someone who is just playing a game.…show more content…
Athletes salaries could be from $100,000-$100 million. This seems like a large range just for entertainment. Second, Ralph Lauren worked his way from 50,000-7.5 billion dollars. Third, average salaries today are 3.2 million dollars. The amount of money has gotten bigger over the years. Athletes shouldn’t be getting paid so much money just for people watching them play a game. Although athletes get paid a lot of money they retire early. However, they should have a plan for after their career. They know that they will retire early so they should be responsible and have a plan. Also, athletes shouldn’t spend all their money on silly things. There are more important things they could spend that money on. They could also set money aside so they have it when they really need it. In the end, athletes do retire early but they could be more responsible with all the money they get paid. In conclusion, athletes are way overpaid and people saving lives for a living deserve more money. It’s crazy how much money Tiger Woods got paid just for a sneaker deal. They are just getting paid for
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